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Our Services


Windscreen and window glass replacement

Do you need to fix your windscreen or window? We replace damaged windscreen or window glass. Maudka guarantees that your windscreen replacement is of the highest quality. No matter what car you drive, our technicians will replace your windscreen efficiently. If you’re not sure whether your car windscreen needs replacing or repairing, our technicians can help you.

Insurance brokerage and Underwriting

We underwrite insurance policies for the enterprise insurance company only. We repair accident vehicles as a result of claims. We provide insurance-related advice and solutions by acting as the middle link between the insurance companies and the individuals or corporate entities.

Vehicle safety training services

We provide our customers with training on vehicle safety as well as defensive and other relevant road safety programs geared towards the maintenance of safety on the road.

Upholstery auto solutions

We provide our clients very unique and beautifully crafted interiors seat covers, door covers, dashboard covers, roof panels and any other interior as desired by the clients.

Air Conditioning

Getting a car air conditioner service at the first sign of trouble will save you time and money. When auto air conditioning systems break down, refrigerant leaks, which is harmful to the environment and your car. Our technicians will examine your car’s A/C system to check for leaks and repair it before it damages anything else.

Vehicle Assessments and Valuations

We conduct vehicle assessments and provide comprehensive reports on the faults, the true market value of the vehicle in lieu of disposal, and recommendations to boost the performance and state of one’s vehicle.

Vehicle Tracking and Car Alarm System

We fix vehicle alarms of all kinds as well as vehicle tracking devices per request.

Denting and Welding Auto Solutions

Cosmetic Repairs: This is also known as ‘touch-up services’ where minor body defacement of the vehicle such as scratches and dents are repaired before spraying. Accidental Repairs: This entails enhancement to some body part by straightening, welding or repair as caused by an accident. Body Restoration Services: This includes a complete restoration of vehicle body after a major defect or as a result of wear and tear.


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